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A pristine parking lot makes a positive first impression. Our lot sweepers patrol your parking lot, cleaning dust and debris to leave it spotless. This prolongs the life of your lot, improves curb appeal and reduces dust and gravel inside your building.

LandSharx Yard Maintenance & Snow Management scares away litter and debris from parking lots, sidewalks, lane ways, parkades, landscaping, shrub beds, and lawn areas. We also handle large item clean up and litter removal from around dumpsters.

Lot Sweeping by LandSharx Maintenance Services

First Impressions

Lot Sweeping by LandSharx Maintenance Services

 Commercial parking lots are key touchpoints. Cleanliness and maintenance are crucial for a positive first impression.

Ensuring Safety

Lot Sweeping by LandSharx Maintenance Services

 Regular sweeping removes debris that could cause accidents or damage vehicles. It contributes to the overall safety of everyone using the parking lot.


Lot Sweeping by LandSharx Maintenance Services

Regular cleaning enhances the durability of the parking lot surface. It prevents the buildup of harmful substances that can cause wear and tear.


Lot Sweeping by LandSharx Maintenance Services

Proper sanitation maintenance is crucial for protecting the environment. Correct waste disposal prevents litter from polluting our ecosystems.

Property Value

Lot Sweeping by LandSharx Maintenance Services

A clean and well-maintained parking lot can enhance the value of the entire property. It’s an important factor considered by potential buyers or renters.


Lot Sweeping by LandSharx Maintenance Services

 In many areas, businesses are legally required to keep their premises clean and sanitary. Regular maintenance ensures compliance with these regulations.

Over 20 years of experience in landscaping and snow management.


We value every single job, big or small and ensure every job is done right.
We’re focused on safety and security, which is why we are fully covered and insured through WCB, ensuring peace of mind for both our team and clients as we deliver top-notch service.


We pride ourselves on our excellent customer care and going the extra mile to make you feel heard and appreciated.


We’re committed to protecting our environment and pledge to replace the majority of our gas powered equipment with battery powered electric equipment when and where available.

LandSharx never sleeps, with landscaping and lawn care packages for your needs year-round.  

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