Power Rake

A barber service for your lawn

Power Rake

A barber service for your lawn

Lawn Power Rake

Dead vegetation, pests, waste debris and other accumulates compress and prevent your lawn roots from properly reaching moisture and nutrients it needs for optimal growth.

LandSharx professionals can de-thatch your lawn using our modern power lawn raking equipment to loosen, remove and thin the debris that has accumulated and is restricting the flow or moisture and other nutrients to your lawn’s roots.

Power raking your lawn early in the spring and optionally later in the fall will keep your lawn healthy, green and pest free. Combined with scheduled fertilizer treatment and lawn mowing, we will make sure you have a healthy and lush yard with optimal green growth.

For more information on our power raking benefits for your lawn or to request a complimentary assessment and quote your lawn care and maintenance, please contact us today.

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