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Sidewalk Snow Removal and Ice Management Services

City bylaws regulate that the sidewalk area must be cleared no later than 24 hours after the snow fall ends. Failure to have the sidewalk area cleared within the prescribed time can result in fines being issued by the city.

LandSharx Snow Management offers commercial plow service for properties of any size. We can In addition, if a passer-by is to slip and fall on your property (including adjacent sidewalks to your property which are your responsibility to clear), you are not only for potential injuries, but also for any other related expenses such as: pain and suffering, loss of income, home care, etc. Those liabilities can amount to a significant monetary settlement in cases of injury.

When clearing your sidewalks and walkway areas, you may overlook icy areas that pose risk of slip and fall injuries. Furthermore, during the warmer days when the snow and ice melt, thaw and then freeze overnight, your sidewalks and walkways may really become a slipping hazard.

LandSharx Snow Management crews can provide efficient and timely sidewalk and walkway ice management. Our crews are trained to spot and identify potential areas where ice may accumulate and apply ice melt and sand, or gravel to help break the ice, as well as produce traction needed to avoid a potential slip and fall situation.

For more information and to book your sidewalk snow removal services, please contact your LandSharx Snow Management Services office.

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