Lawn Core Aeration

Quench your lawn’s thirst

Lawn Core Aeration

Quench your lawn’s thirst

Lawn Core Aeration

Lawn core aeration removes plugs inside your lawn and opens channels through which the water and nutrients it carries can travel deeper towards lawn root area where it is needed the most.

LandSharx lawn care professionals can perform lawn core aeration as a part of your lawn care as well as other services such as power rake, lawn edging etc. that should be a part of your annual lawn care routine.

Lawn core aeration is usually recommended in fall and before the ground freezes in the winter time. By performing lawn core aeration in fall, you are opening channels for ice and snow melt moisture to soak deeper into the root system where it and the nutrients it carries can be most beneficial for the growth and the health of your lawn the following spring.

For more information on lawn core aeration benefits for your lawn or to request a complimentary assessment and quote your lawn care and maintenance, please contact us today.

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